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Sculpture Modeling Class

This website provides information about the Mira Welnowska

Sculpture Modeling Class. Students can view reference and instructional materials, discuss art topics, artistic philosophy, relevant problems, issues and class assignments.  


This website provides multiple links to view portrait and figure lesson outlines, materials used in the class, and portrait or figure proportion charts.


This course offers instruction in modeling human form for students at all levels. The class takes an in-depth look at the portrait and the human figure. For students who choose to work on portraits, Mira will introduce facial plane structure, and the proportion and anatomy of portraiture. Under her instruction, students will learn how to form a head, and develop the features of the face.


For human figures, students will sculpt 12”, 18”, or 26" standing or seated figures. Mira will provide demonstrations and individual instruction, references to anatomy and proportion, illustrations from classical text, and composition of the figure, as the students work from a model.


Personal creativity and expression are encouraged and welcomed.


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