The Fine Art

Sculpture Modeling Class

Lesson outline

"Goddess of Nature"         by Mira Welnowska


Sculpture Class

Portrait Proportions

Figure Proportions


Students' Work



Portrait Sculpture Class Outline

 1.         Constructing the Head Mass

  •      The scull

  •      The planes of the head

  •      Measurements and proportions.

  •      Examining the Works of the Masters

 2.         Roughing in the Face

  •      Cutting the eye sockets

  •      Developing the sides of the nose

  •      Building the planes of the mouth

 3.         Building the Lower Part of the Face

  •      Defining the jawbone

  •      Constructing and positioning the ears

  •      Measurements and verifying proportions

4.         Modeling the Face and Adding Hair Mass

  •      Modeling the forehead, chin, and cheekbones

  •      Forming and modeling eyes, nose, and ears

 5.         Adding Hair Mass

  •      Building up the hair as a mass

  •      Modeling the hair                      

6.         Neck and Shoulders

  •      Major masses of the neck

  •      Building shoulder structure

  •      Measurements and verifying proportions

7.         Refining Facial Features

  •      Sharpening the eyelids

  •      Defining cheekbones and lip lines

  •      Shaping and defining hair

  •      Sharpening eyebrows and modeling of the nostrils

  •      Smoothing the surface of the face

8.         Finishing

  •      Discussion and directions on casting.