Mira Welnowska

New Work


Nature and Humanity        by Mira Welnowska


    This work communicates my personal interest of bringing awareness of the ongoing ecological pollution and environmental abuse to the public. Since the industrial revolution, western society has introduced a vast amount of pollution. Within my life time, I have witnessed enormous ecological atrocities, such as the Chernobyl incident and wide spread nuclear and industrial chemical pollution.


My project consists of several life size sculptures, depicting the shapes and texture of trees, as well as images of human faces and figures, manifested from the deprivation of pollution. My sculptures show images intended to raise the issue of pollution, and depict the effect of air, water or soil pollution.


My imagery presented in relief is based on the extensive research I conducted on different types of pollution and effects on humanity. The composition employs basic design aspects such as symmetry and repetition throughout each piece. During the last month, my work developed and my initial design became more fluent and dynamic. I developed a technique in constructing stable life size sculptures and explored building metal structures, as the base and structural support for creating stoneware sculpture.