The Fine Art

Sculpture Modeling Class

Lesson outline

"The Dancer"                   by Mira Welnowska


Sculpture Class

Portrait Proportions

Figure Proportions


Students' Work



Figure Sculpture Class Outline

1.         Constructing a figure

  •   adjusting the armature

  •   measurements and proportions.

  •   looking at the model

2.         Building a figure

  •   forming the mass of the body

  •   building a torso

3.         Building a head

  •   building planes of the head and defining jawbones

  •   constructing and positioning the ears

4.         Modeling the face

  •   modeling the forehead, chin and cheekbones

  •   forming and modeling eyes, nose and ears

  •   building planes of the mouth

5.        Neck and shoulder

  •   major masses of the neck

  •   building shoulder structure

6.        Building the legs

  •  defining position of the knees

  •  position and forming the feet

  •  modeling the leg muscles

7.        Modeling arms and hands

  •  defining position of the elbows

  •  forming and modeling arms muscles and hands

8.       Finishing

  • discussion and directions on casting.