Mira  Welnowska  Sculptures


Artist Statement 

My art is about Nature and Humanity. My figurative, realistic work is true to life. It is about capturing the beauty of the human form and its relationship to the earth environment. This body of work consists of figures placed in the natural surroundings, sculptures depicting nature in the human body, and figures accentuating their form, proportions, and gesture. I created this work to convey my sensitivity to human beauty, as well as my appreciation of nature.  

I have chosen to express myself in sculpture because three-dimensional artwork is more accurate than other genre. It is a beautiful representation of the real world. The real world is three-dimensional; therefore, my realistic art is three-dimensional. Sculpture is reality, infinity, you can touch. It has a power and radiation. One can put his hands over sculpture and feel my work. It is a powerful feeling. It touches you on every level.

All around us, plants, animals, and people, at every moment perform the expressions of life. An expression I feel in me and see moving all around me. I know, I must create what I feel. I am sculpting my works with the clay of life, directing their movement. I breathe life into my sculptures by giving them a look of awareness, expressive face, tilted head, or leg lifted in dance. I feel, I can make my sculptures move. They can break the spell of stillness at any moment, by blinking an eye or hearing a breath. 

In my works, I express my social views as well as my artistic philosophy. My intention is to convey my feeling to the viewers through my artwork. I encourage my viewer to experience my work by touching it and feeling the power and emotion within, rather than merely observing.



                         Mira Welnowska

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